ARPA Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds – Payments Made

Under the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, $6.15 billion was set aside for Pennsylvania counties, cities, boroughs and townships. The Pennsylvania Treasury Department is responsible for disbursing funds to each municipality with fewer than 50,000 residents after the municipality has requested funding through the Department of Community and Economic Development. This map shows payments made to those municipalities. (Larger municipalities must apply to receive ARPA payments directly from the federal government.)

Treasurer Garrity Announces Fifth Batch of ARPA Payments to Pennsylvania Municipalities (July 29)
Treasurer Garrity Announces Fourth Batch of ARPA Payments to Pennsylvania Municipalities (July 22)
Treasurer Garrity Announces Third Batch of ARPA Payments to Pennsylvania Municipalities (July 15)
Treasurer Garrity Announces Second Batch of ARPA Payments to Pennsylvania Municipalities (July 8)
Treasurer Garrity Announces First Payments to Municipalities Under the American Rescue Plan Act (June 30)

Note: The federal treasury has published allocation reports for counties (Pennsylvania starts on page 51) and larger municipalities (Pennsylvania starts on page 21). The federal treasury also posted detailed information about allocations to counties, allocations to larger municipalities, and allocations to smaller municipalities (i.e., those identified on the map below). More information is available here.

Hover over the markers below to see the amount of funding provided or download the data in a variety of formats by hovering over the gray box in the upper right-hand corner of the map.

This map will be updated weekly as additional payments are made. Last updated July 29, 2021.