The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law (RTK), Act 3 of 2008, mandated that the Pennsylvania State Treasury create a web-based library that would be available to the general public. On July 1, 2008, e-library was established to enable the public to retrieve information regarding state contracts valued at $5,000 and above, which were issued after that date. Each agency within the Commonwealth is mandated from that date forward to place on this website all of their Contracts and Purchase Orders.

E-library offers exceptional access to public information by providing an on-line central source for state contracts. Since its inception, there have been 418,290 contracts made available on e-library by 1,117 agency users. The web site offers a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions as well as public and agency user manuals. For contracts executed before July 1, 2008, interested parties can contact the Right-To-Know officer for the department, which holds those contracts.


The Contracts e-Library rests upon a collaborative relationship between the Treasury Department and the many agencies responsible for the content made available through it. While the Right-to-Know Law ("RTK") entrusts the Treasury Department with the responsibility to receive contract information and make it accessible to the public consistent with Chapter 17, the obligation to submit contracts and summaries in compliance with the law rests entirely with the agencies identified in the law. Although Treasury has notified all agencies that it believes are subject to the Chapter 17 contract filing requirements, each agency has made an independent determination whether it is required to file contracts with the Treasury Department. The statutory definition of Commonwealth agencies, legislative agencies and judicial agencies in RTK is available by clicking here or by examining those definitions directly in the RTK itself. The list of agencies that have advised Treasury that they will be filing contracts and summaries for the Contracts e-Library can be found by clicking the button in the Agency field on the Search page.

Agencies are also responsible for determining which contracts must be filed with Treasury. It is possible that different agencies will reach different conclusions regarding whether RTK requires any particular kind of contract to be filed with the Treasury Department. As a result, the kinds of contract information available from the Contracts e-Library may not be identical for different agencies that have filed information.

For these reasons, it is important for persons seeking contract information to recognize that some government contract information may not be included in the Contracts e-Library, either because it is outside the scope of the Chapter 17 requirements or because an agency has – for whatever reason – failed to file it with the Treasury Department. Persons unable to find information in the Contracts e-Library about contracts that they believe exist are encouraged to make direct requests to the contracting agencies under the regular provisions of RTK.

Some agencies have suggested to the Treasury Department that they will file contracts and summaries for contracts executed prior to the effective date of Chapter 17. For the most part, however, the Contracts e-Library will only have information about contracts executed on or after July 1, 2008. Thus, the actual contents of the Contracts e-Library will be very modest in the period immediately following the effective date. Over time, the contents will grow much larger as agencies file more contracts and summaries.