IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: PA Treasurer Torsella Writes in “The Hill” on Why Congress Should Not Get in the Way of State Innovation on Retirement Solutions

“In Pennsylvania, 44 percent of workers between the ages of 18 to 64 do not have access to an employer-offered retirement plan. Nationally, 1 in 3 Americans do not have a single dollar saved for their retirement. At this rate, the golden years of many workers will look more like scrap metal.”

“According to the preamble of the Republican Party’s platform, one of the basic tenants of the GOP is a belief that “…federalism…must be preserved un-compromised for future generations.” In the preamble of the platform of the Democratic Party, there is an entire section labeled “Ensuring a Secure and Dignified Retirement.

If these truly are foundational beliefs of both parties, why is Congress working to limit the ability of state governments to help their own citizens retire decently?

Recent actions in Congress to limit promising retirement savings initiatives by the states have made clear that many lawmakers apparently believe middle-class and working-class families have had it too good, for too long.”

Pennsylvania Treasurer, Joe Torsella, The Hill, March 10, 2017

Read full article here: The Hill, "When it comes to retirement, states are the innovators"

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