Pennsylvania Treasury Expands Transparency Efforts to Board of Finance and Revenue Proceedings

Public sessions will soon be available online

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella today announced that as part of his ongoing efforts to promote transparency and enhance public access, starting today all public proceedings before the Board of Finance and Revenue (BF&R) will be recorded and available online.

“Today’s announcement is the next step to ensure that Treasury’s transparency efforts translate into all aspects of how we are doing business on behalf of Pennsylvania taxpayers. This is an opportunity to ensure that every Pennsylvanian across the state, regardless of geographic location or physical ability has the access to see how tax appeals are considered by the Board of Finance and Revenue. These are public proceedings, and therefore, it is commonsense that we make sure they are fully accessible to the public from the convenience of their own computer.”

Pennsylvania Treasurer, Joe Torsella

Since taking office, Torsella has been instrumental in modernizing BF&R’s website, establishing an online searchable database of over 9,200 decisions, and has appointed a taxpayer advocate to assist unrepresented taxpayers with pending appeals.

The BF&R Board consists of three members; two appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Pennsylvania Senate, and the Treasurer or his designee serving as the third member and Chair. The Board reviews and decides on average 4,500 appeals annually brought by individuals, businesses, and other organizations related to tax assessments and refunds made by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Proceedings before the Board are open to the public with hearing calendar docket sheets along with a searchable database of all Board decisions available on the BF&R website.

Individuals appearing before the BF&R Board are notified that confidential information may be shared with the Board in an executive session that will not be recorded.

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