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First-Ever Greene County Unclaimed Property Day Returns More Than $135,000 to Local Residents and Businesses

Waynesburg, PA — Treasurer Stacy Garrity and the Greene County Chamber of Commerce announced today that the Chamber’s first-ever “Greene County Unclaimed Property Day” on December 7, 2023, resulted in more than $135,000 being returned to local residents and businesses.

The idea for the event emerged from a meeting between Treasurer Garrity and Greene County Commissioner Betsy McClure last August.

“This was a fantastic collaboration. I appreciate everything that Commissioner McClure and the great team at the Greene County Chamber did to make it a success. Everywhere I go across our great state, I encourage people to search for themselves, family members, and any organization they belong to. It only takes a few minutes to do on Treasury’s website, patreasury.gov/unclaimed-property.”

Pennsylvania State Treasurer Stacy Garrity

“I’m excited about the great turnout – and the great results – for our first-ever unclaimed property day. Helping get this money back to the hardworking people and excellent businesses in Greene County is a big boost for our whole community. It was great to work with Treasurer Garrity, her team at Treasury, and the Chamber to make this event happen.”

Greene County Commissioner Betsy McClure

Residents and business owners stopped by the chamber’s office during the event, where they were helped in their search for unclaimed property by Treasury’s Regional Program Relationship Manager, Jesse Streeter. In total, $135,843 worth of unclaimed property was identified and is now in the process of being returned to the rightful owners.

Unclaimed property can include dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, insurance policies, contents of forgotten safe deposit boxes and more. State law requires businesses to report unclaimed property to Treasury after three years of dormancy.

Treasury is working to return more than $4.5 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. In the last fiscal year, ending June 30, 2023, Treasury returned the most unclaimed property ever in a single year – almost $274 million.

To search for unclaimed property, visit patreasury.gov/unclaimed-property.

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