Important Update Precautionary Closure

Please note that If you are inquiring about a matter associated with The Pennsylvania’s Treasury Department’s Finder Registration Program, the office is currently working on a modified schedule in response to the health threat posed by the coronavirus. This is a precautionary measure and prioritizes the health and safety of our employees and those we serve.  Please e-mail any specific questions to  We appreciate your patience as a response to your inquiry may be delayed due our modified schedule. 

lost & found

Finder Registration

Pennsylvania state law requires that all "Finders" and property recovery professionals who assist potential claimants assemble a claim for a fee must complete an application and be certified as a finder by the Pennsylvania Treasury. Like much of the Unclaimed Property law, this process is designed to protect consumers from predatory practices and fraud. While Pennsylvania Treasury always assists claimants prepare and file claims for free, Finders may provide their services for a fee. Those fees are now capped at 15% through Pennsylvania law.